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The most comprehensive and up-to-date brand value ranking league table. Compare the top brands and find out who is winning the war for customers.
Position Previous Position Brand Value ($M) Previous Brand Value ($M) Rating
Lego 1 1 6026.30 5396.53 AAA
Bandai Namco 2 2 1743.47 1712.26 AA+
Fisher-Price 3 3 745.56 519.88 AAA
Barbie 4 5 587.69 378.37 AAA
Nerf 5 4 463.05 422.91 AAA
Dragon Ball 6 6 409.30 374.51 AA-
Hasbro 7 7 360.82 325.39 AAA-
Hot Wheels 8 11 348.46 243.84 AAA
Pop! 9 10 337.14 245.35 AA-
My Little Pony 10 9 273.69 268.62 AAA
Mattel 11 16
Mobile Suit Gundam 12 8
Monopoly 13 14
Hatchimals 14 13
Play-Doh 15 15
Transformers 16 20
Magic: The Gathering 17 17
Playskool 18 18
Air Hogs 19 19
American Girl 20
MEGA Bloks 21 24
Kamen Rider 22 23
Frozen 23 22
Spin Master 24 25

Top 10 Best Toy Companies


Lego isn’t only a toy. It a place where the imagination can expand and let loose. Build what you want. Yes there are instructional sets but who needs them? Lego has been running for years and show no signs of giving up. Its much better than starring at a T.V. or at this very screen. Go buy a set or just get your own Lego and do what you want. I will never stop playing with Lego or even get rid of my Lego. I like to dump out my Lego and think of things to build. You don’t have to be talented at it or a pro to build Lego. It’s a thing for everyone to do and see whst they can do. So are you thinking more about Lego? Are you ready to set off your imagination? Well than do it! Get your Legos and get building!

Lego, what can I say… A toy that has spoken to many generations, for its creativity and usefulness in many fields; outlasting many brands and toys throughout the years. Voted best toy of the century twice, and listed as one of the best inventions by Time. Played with by millions of children and adults alike. With quality that survives 900 P.S.I. Honestly the reasons Lego is still around is the dedication of fans, and the determination to keep going strong and quality minded. Hope you guys have a good day.

I had them forever since I was like 6. now that I’m a 16 I still love LEGO is the best I’m a LEGO fan and the Best LEGO Theme made is The Classic Town sets from 80’s I really love them a lot it is the best old sets ever made. I really love the Classic Town Minifigures the most. Indeed the best and the most enjoyable toy ever made LEGO was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen the Danish founder of LEGO. I Vote for this the best Danish Toy Brand from Denmark of all time.

Lego has the best customer service ever for a company its size. It only makes one thing: the Lego brick. And it’s the second largest toy manufacturer in the world. It has universal appeal and is the perfect gift. The quality is still unmatched and the set designers have an unmatched skill level. And Lego Cuusoo enables AFOLS to submit set ideas to potentially become an awesome, fan-submitted set. Hands-down, Lego is KING.



They did a few product brands marketed to tween girls (DreamLife, Girl Talk, True You, Mall Madness, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Cover to Cover, Fun Funky Fingernails, Designer’s World, Monopoly Limited Too Collector’s Edition, Scrabble Justice Collector’s Edition, Nerf Rebelle, Scrabble Limited Too Collector’s Edition, etc). They also have created the “It’s Our World, Girls! ™” trademark (which consists of 3 cute girls on a globe).

Hasbro will become Top 2 In the world if they’re adding more EPIC Episode that everyone love to watch. For me My Little Pony is my favourite and Transformer is the 2nd choice. If Hasbro add more transformer and MLP EPIC episode adventure that would be such a blast show.

I love Hasbro they have Lps and even more! The thing I hate about them is they won’t give people back the Lps they want and it is making poor kids sad and even some have called Hasbro so many times! I have a friend who has a sister who cried because of it it’s not ok and give them back ok? Bye everyone have a good day

After the coup Hasbro did on the toy disney princesses which Mattel had the contract of, and the two-audience system My Little Pony has, Hasbro got the position to reign supreme on the market.


NintendoNintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and software company headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.

Nintendo was founded in 1889 as Nintendo Karuta by craftsman Fusajiro Yamauchi and originally produced handmade hanafuda playing cards. After venturing into various lines of business during the 1960s and acquiring a legal status as a public company, Nintendo distributed its first console, the Color TV-Game, in 1977. It gained international recognition with the release of Donkey Kong in 1981 and the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Mario Bros. in 1985. …read more.

Ok, many people hate Nintendo, but I will love it forever. I LOVE Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda, as well as a few other series, and even though many people like it, I don’t just like it but am a full-fledged fan of it. Nintendo markets games that look like they’re for young children, but there are many elements that prove that wrong, especially when a game has an elaborate story, which always turns out amazing. Many of their game systems are cool, too. The controllers all look and control pretty good, and there is such a wide variety of games that anyone with a slightly open mind will find something they like. Everyone says video games are bad, and while you shouldn’t play too much, they are very fun and amazing as long as you don’t play for an incredibly long time.

A well oiled machine with Nintendo, offers game play beyond certain dreams through consoles(the Wii mainly) and models as such. The lightsaber game with the Wiimote is the most brilliant ever seen from Nintendo, lot of control with the remote of that virtual sword…Star Wars style now with Disney also. On regular play the Brawl(example Super Smash Brothers) games are really cool and a taste of Disney to pair with it…yea it also has the Epic Mickey series to dirt the screen with some fun. As to the Brawl matches, Wolf and Yoshi are the favorites while in Epic Mickey 2 which is also good would stick with Mickey and Oswald as the title calls it the ‘power of two’ which is about four of the nicest characters in this opinion. Again excellent method of controls. Jolly good fun, very dandy.

It’s Nintendo. They have created the game market basically aside from Atari and then came sega, then Super Nintendo then n64 the. GameCube and now Nds amazing and who will ever forget Mario luigi and of course princess toadstool 🙂 amazing and the toys and memorabilia that came from these games are still current and ever changing, go Nintendo now give me a prize

Alright. Even if you say they make video games which don’t count, now there are amiibo. They are awesome and they sell really well. I have a Link amiibo and it is awesome!



Are you people kidding me! Mattel is stupid I will forever hate mattel! How is this crap higher than Hasbro? Hasbro is awesome they make littlest pet shop I used to love it so much as a kid (not the new ones those ones suck). Mattel’s doll suck and teach kids bad lessons. Barbie teaches you to be anorexic, not eat and be a little prissy brat. being a superstar means nothing to me. In my world success is being a doctor or an astronout or something good. I hate barbie and monster high is just like Halloween barbie. How can people even like this?!

Mattel makes barbies that your kid will love and play with every single day. My kids Allie and Jamie love there barbies and say they will have it until the are 100 years old! We loved Mattel so much that we sent them a card saying how grateful we are! We rate Mattel 5 stars

Their division, American Girl, operates just outside the office in California. There are a few American Girl commercials that aired in between Mattel’s T.V. show during commercial breaks.

Investing stock in them. A great toy company with a nice variety of toys for different interests. Has some nice stocking stuffers! I strongly recommend this company.